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VibraPEP – Breathing Therapy Device

The VibraPEP is an innovative breathing therapy device designed to assist individuals with respiratory conditions and promote optimal lung function. With its unique vibratory mechanism, it effectively loosens mucus from the bronchial walls, allowing for easier expectoration and improved airflow. Ideal for home use, the VibraPEP™ is a perfect companion for those seeking to enhance their pulmonary health.

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The VibraPEP therapy is a single-patient device that provides oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) therapy for the detachment and removal of pulmonary secretions. Through variable pressure settings, patients realize maximum efficacy specific to their unique clinical needs. The VibraPEP uses the patient’s full expired air volume to produce pressure and oscillatory vibrations. With different settings, VibraPEP is ideal for treating most types of lung pathologies with a single device. Combined PEP enlarges airways, promoting stabilization and collateral ventilation, while Dynamic VibraPEP DE decreases the cohesiveness of sputum, promoting mucocillary clearance in 5 different settings.

Treatment Settings 5 treatment settings
Type of PEP Both Dynamic and Combined PEP
Lung Pathologies Treatment Used to treat different lung pathologies
Waveforms Asynchronous waveforms
Oscillation Start Point Oscillations begin at > 10 cmH20

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