Physio Kit A Dual Therapy BackPack

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US FDA Cleared Devices to Quickly and Conveniently deliver the best treatment in pain conditions and promote tissue healing at HOME


Now backpack your physiotherapy clinic & deliver the quality treatment

Physiokit has all the devices necessary for physiotherapists to deliver quality treatment at the patient’s comfort location. The backpack contains “Stim 3” and “JUS-1”. Stim 3 is based on the “Electrotherapy” Technology (Interferential / TENS / Muscle Stim). JUS 1 on the other hand is based on the “Ultrasound” technology to aid in pain relief and recovery in the injured areas.

US FDA Cleared device for physiotherapist to take for home visits and offer pain relief (chronic and acute) and provide the mobility and wellness to patients. The Stim3 is one of the most popular and successful devices for physical therapy. It provides all therapies in a single hand held device for physical therapist and home care professionals. The Stim3 provides two/four channels, delivering four treatments from a single unit. The device is extremely handy and easy to use and operate.

Johari Digital’s Ultrasound device provides effective Continuous and Pulsed treatments for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. It delivers 1 MHz through a unique ultrasound applicator. The effect of ultrasound increases local blood flow and helps in reducing local swelling, chronic inflammation and bone fracture pain to promote fast healing.

Dual Therapy BackPack The Physio Kit A Dual Therapy BackPack is a versatile and convenient solution for providing both hot and cold therapy to the back.
Adjustable Fit The backpack features adjustable straps and a customizable fit, ensuring comfort and proper positioning during therapy sessions.
Hot Therapy Capability The backpack includes a built-in pocket for inserting hot packs or pads, allowing the application of therapeutic heat to the back.
Cold Therapy Capability The backpack is equipped with an insulated compartment for holding cold packs, enabling the application of cold therapy to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the back area.
Versatile Usage The Dual Therapy BackPack can be used for various conditions, including muscle strains, sprains, back spasms, arthritis, and post-workout recovery.
Portable and Hands-Free Design The backpack design allows for hands-free use, enabling mobility and convenience during therapy sessions.
Durable and Easy-to-Clean Materials Constructed from durable materials, the backpack is designed to withstand regular use and is easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and longevity.
Secure Closure System The backpack features a secure closure system, keeping the hot or cold packs in place during therapy and preventing leakage or spills.
Adjustable Temperature and Duration The Physio Kit A Dual Therapy BackPack allows for adjustable temperature settings and therapy duration, providing personalized and controlled therapy based on individual needs.
Multipurpose Pockets and Compartments The backpack is equipped with additional pockets and compartments to store personal belongings, therapy accessories, or other essentials, offering convenience and organization.


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