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Headgear for Philips Comfort Gel Mask


Part No: 1033678

The Premium Headgear with EZ Peel Tabs for Comfort Series Masks is an improved design over the Respironics Deluxe Headgear.

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Premium Headgear Comfort Mask

Respironics Premium Headgear has a simplified design for improved comfort and durability. It uses soft, wide Lycra stretch fibre straps to provide a stable fit that stands up to long term use. Premium headgear is highly resistant to fraying and curling and eliminates the stitching which can cause irritation.

Premium Headgear is compatible with most Comfort Series masks.

1.  Higher quality materials.

2. Durable and longer-lasting headgear.

3. Holds its shape and form.


Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 12 cm





What are the sizes available?

Premium Headgear is available in two sizes. The Standard size & Reduced Size.
Premium Headgear is made of high quality fabric material.


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