Philips AMF220/15 3-in-1 Purifier, Fan and Heater

Purify, refresh, and warm your home anytime

Philips 3-in-1 Air Purifier keeps homes healthy and comfy. It heats you in winter and cools you in summer, continually cleaning the air – removing 99.95% of particles as small as the smallest known virus with its HEPA filtration system.

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MediKart HealthCare Systems Pvt.Ltd.
MediKart HealthCare Systems Pvt.Ltd.
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Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta
I recently bought an Oxygen Concentrator from Medicart Healthcare, and Mr. Sanjog's exceptional service made the experience memorable. His friendly and knowledgeable approach helped me find the perfect product. Not only did he provide valuable insights, but he also ensured I got the best deal possible.
kaveri ganguly
kaveri ganguly
Well explained. Repaired quickly. Devicing install Suman , good behaviour
Manmohan Sadana
Manmohan Sadana
Outstanding experience provided by Lalit of Medikart ❤️
Sachin Goel
Sachin Goel
Lalit Kumar from Medikart came to home to give the demo of fhe ResMed BPaP machine. He was on time, explained things very nicely, was very professional. Extremely happy and satisfied with the service.
china ramarao naravula
china ramarao naravula
Hi Mr.Sanjog thank you so much you are very helpful & recieved this ResMed machine on time with good condition.We flowed your instruction & it's working amazing. Sleeping very deep & comfortable while I'm using this machine.
sundram kumar
sundram kumar
I purchased mask from the MediKart healthcare and the product quality is superb best and fast service by them. Thanks alot.
Asha Baweja
Asha Baweja
Sujeet singh delivered the product and his behaviour was very nice...had conversation with Manoj ji and he was very helpful. Medikart is doing a great job 👍
Ruby Singh
Ruby Singh
Medikart healthcare service and demonstration was quite friendly and easy to understand
suman bagga
suman bagga
Mr Suman technician representative of the above unit visited us on our call for the replacement of the face mask. He guided us about the upkeep of mask and about the whole machine also excellently
sushil nigam
sushil nigam
Good service.Well explained suman singh Thanks


2000 Series Air Purify

Up to 165 m³/h CADR *: purifies rooms up to 42 m² **

The purification function is suitable for a room size of up to 42 m² **. Optimum 360° airflow intake design and high ultra-fine particle filtering efficiency drive purification performance of up to 165 m³/hr of Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) *. It can effectively clean the air of a 20 m² room in 17.5 minutes.

Filters 99.95% of particles as small as 0.003 microns

3-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, active carbon and pre-filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.003 microns, smaller than smallest known virus***, removing bacteria, pollen, dust, PM2.5, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, odors, gases, aerosols, and other pollutants.

Air quality sensor, temperature and filter status

Air quality sensor detects particles in the air smaller than 2.5 µm and displays it in real- time with both numerical and color-coded feedback. The color bar provides a visual indication of the indoor air high quality, ranging from blue (good), purple (fair), pink (poor) to red (very poor). The real-time display also shows indoor temperature and filter change alert.

Cools you with clean, refreshing air

Delivers a gentle stream of fresh air, ideal for making rooms experiencing warmer temperatures more comfortable. The fan mode only blows out purified air, ensuring you breathe and enjoy clean and refreshing air at home.

Warms you with pure, cozy warm air

Ceramic technology heats up the air in just 3 seconds to deal with cooler environments quickly. The heater mode only blows out purified air, letting you breathe and enjoy clean and cozy air at home.

Adjustable 350° oscillation reaches everywhere you need

Adjustable 350° oscillation enables to circulate the air as you need it across the room.

3-speed settings for purifying heater and fan modes

Choose from 3-speed fan levels: 7.5 W, 15 W and 25 W or 3-speed heat levels: 1250 W, 1500 W and 2200 W. It always delivers purified air in any setting, so you enjoy and breathe pure and clean air.

3-level setting for lights display, including sleep mode

3-level setting for lights display. Fully lit option displays a light ring to indicate heater or fan mode and the air quality sensor. Partially lit option shows only the air quality sensor. Sleep mode option turns off all the lights on the device.

3-level setting for lights display, including sleep mode

3-level setting for lights display. Fully lit option displays a light ring to indicate heater or fan mode and the air quality sensor. Partially lit option shows only the air quality sensor. Sleep mode option turns off all the lights on the device.

Easy operation with magnetic remote controller

Magnetic remote control provides simple operation and returns easily to the dock in the device.

Air purification The Philips AMF220/15 uses a HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of allergens and pollutants up to 0.3 microns in size, including PM2.5, pollen, and dust mites. The filter is washable and reusable, saving money on replacement filters.
Fan This model has three fan speeds to circulate air and cool the room. It operates quietly, making it suitable for nighttime use without disturbing sleep.
Heater It features 3 heat settings to warm the room. The heater is quiet, allowing for night use without sleep disturbance.
Timer Equipped with a timer that can be set to automatically turn off the unit after 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 hours, helping to save energy and prevent overnight operation.
Remote control Comes with a remote control for convenient operation from across the room, ideal when in bed or relaxing on the couch.
Night mode Features a night mode that reduces the noise level, making it suitable for night use without disturbing sleep.
Child lock Includes a child lock to prevent children from changing the settings, avoiding accidental unit turn-off or fan speed changes.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 31.0 × 30.0 × 64.0 cm
Air quality feedback

Numerical and Color-coded

Air quality sensor

Particle (PM2.5)

360° purification


Auto-off timer


Child safety lock


Sleep mode


User interface


3-in-1 Air Purifier


Integrated filter


Remote control


CADR (Particle) *

165 m³/h

Particle filtration ***

99.95% (0.003 um)

Sound level

34-48 dB

Suitable purification area **

42 m2

Virus filtration level ****


Bacteria filtration level*****

99 %



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