Air Liquide Orion G Ventilator


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A ventilator is a life-saving equipment. This means that ICU staffs need real-time information in order to make the right decision. The Orion-G comes with a 7” TFT colour touch-screen that can display up to 4 curves, along with a host of monitored parameters. Also its highly responsive touch-screen and its encoder knob helps you choose and set your parameters in a safe, quick and easy way.

The Orion-G has three time-based curves and three loops which you require – P/V, P/F and V/F. Should you wish to analyze the patient’s progress, the Orion-G gives you the option to freeze the loop through its ‘Freeze’ function.

The Orion-G also has trend analysis of 15 patient parameters for 72 hours.



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