EOVE 150 ventilator


Life support ventilation for ventilator-dependent
and non-dependent patients.
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EOVE 150 ventilator provides continuous or intermittent ventilation support for pediatric and adult patients weighing at least 3.5 kg (8 lbs) who require mechanical ventilation. The EO-150 device is intended to be used at home, institution and hospital, for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Based on an innovative blower design with fast response time down to 80ms, the EOVE 150 ventilator offers best in class ventilation features for pediatric and adult patients with smart sensitive triggers and a wide range of tidal volume from 30 to 2500ml.

Monitoring and therapy solution

The EOVE 150 allows clinicians to monitor their patients’ vital constants and create associated alarms for greater safety and effectiveness. The EOVE 150 ventilator offers a wide range of configurations:

    • 4 configurable presets
    • Generic single and double branch circuit configurations
    • Wide range of ventilation modes, including mouthpiece
    • Integral high flow oxygen therapy C-Flow mode

A suitable treatment for all solutions:

    • For pediatric patients from 3,5 kg, with a tidal volume of 30mL
    • Ventilate according to the need: volume or pressure
    • Complete choice of circuit configuration: with valves, with leak, simple limb, double limb, or mouthpiece
    • High-flow mode to save up space at the patient’s home
    • Mouthpiece modes for a better quality of life

Freedom and mobility:

  • Click&Go concept based on a swappable ventilation module of 1,8 kg
  • Mobility solutions with a bag for the module and external batteries
  • Autonomy up to 18h with external batteries

Modularity and intuitivity:

  • Settings and monitoring view on the same screen
  • Scalable interfaces
  • Easy to configure
  • Up to 4 renewable and customizable presets


  • Wide range of ventilation modes
  • 18-hour autonomy with external battery
  • Intuitive and responsive 7″ color touch screen
  • Lightweight and compact at 1.8kg


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