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Handi+ oxygen ananlyzer


The Handi+ Medical Device is a Class II medical device that provides continuous oxygen monitoring. It is designed to deliver safe and effective oxygen therapy to patients in various healthcare settings. The device has been tested with various anesthesia gases, including nitrous oxide, Halothane, Isoflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane, and Desflurane, and found to have acceptably low

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The Handi+ oxygen analyzer is great for spot-checking O2 percentages in hospitals, clinics, and home care environments. To better meet your oxygen analysis needs, Maxtec has improved the Handi+ O2 analyzer with a simple-to-use, one-touch calibration button, calibration reminder, automatic off, and brand-new overmold.

  • New and improved one-touch calibration button
  • Durable overmold for extra protection
  • Small, convenient, and portable
  • Auto-off
Sensor Type MAX-250 galvanic cell w/Temperature Compensation (Non-Replaceable)
Measurement Range 0.0 – 99.9% oxygen (gas)
Resolution/Display 0.1% – The three digit LCD indicates values between 0.0 – 99.9% oxygen.
Over range indicated by one decimal point on display located after the first digit
Response Time < 15 seconds for 90% step change (at 25°C)
Linearity/Accuracy @ 15° to 40°C. ± 1 % of full scale at constant temperature, R.H. and pressure when
calibrated at full scale; ± 3% actual oxygen level over full operating temperature
Power Powered by one internal, non-replaceable, Lithium battery, CR2450. Power on push
button automatically shuts off after 80 seconds time-out. Electronics rated general
purpose; not for use in hazardous areas or for use with flammable gases.
Battery Life Approximately 1850 hours (74,000 cycles)
Sample Port M-16 x 1 thread with diverter fitting and barbed tubing adapter
Diverter Fitting Fits medical standard 15mm “T” adapter
Operating Temperature 15° to 40°C
Storage Temperature -15° to 50°C
Expected Storage Life Two months. Special freshness seal on sensor.
Operating Pressure Atmospheric pressure to 3psig
Environmental General purpose housing equivalent to NEMA 1. The Handi+ is not waterproof. 0 – 95%
RH, non-condensing
Weight Approximately 3 oz (85 grams)

Additional information

LCD Display

Large, easy-to-read, liquid crystal display


New and improved one-touch calibration button

ON/OFF Button

One-touch on and of

Protective Wrap

Overmold for extra protection

Lanyard Attachment

Small, convenient and portable


3 reviews for Handi+ oxygen ananlyzer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rajesh Kumar

    As a healthcare professional, I find the Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer to be a valuable tool in my practice. It’s accurate, easy to carry, and helps me provide better care to my patients. The device is a great addition to any medical setting.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Sunil Reddy

    I’ve been using the Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer for my fitness routine, and it’s been instrumental in helping me optimize my workouts. Knowing my oxygen levels during exercise helps me adjust my intensity and improve my overall health. This device is a fitness enthusiast’s best friend.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Anjali Desai

    This Device is a game-changer for my elderly parents. They can now check their oxygen levels regularly without the need for frequent hospital visits. It’s user-friendly and has brought a sense of independence to their lives.

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