Flowtron ACS900 Active Compression System

The Flowtron ACS900 Active Compression System delivers uniform
and sequential compression from a broad range of Flowtron Calf,
Calf & Thigh, Bariatric, and Foot garments delivering comfortable
active compression therapy.


Large, LED display to ensure the system is active
Large green LED lights, visible from all angles, contour the edges of the Flowtron ACS900 Active Compression System pump to provide a clear visual confirmation that the pump is active and compression is being delivered.
Visual alarm status is indicated by a change in LED from green to yellow.

The LED on the underside of the pump* provides a clear indication of pump status when the top of the pump is not visible – for example under theatre drapes in the operating room.

Integrated carry handle
The integrated carry handle on the pump is fixed, robust and easy to access at all times to aid movement and transportation.

Integrated battery – uninterrupted therapy
An integrated battery as standard ensures the continuation of compression when an AC power source is not available
providing uninterrupted therapy when the patient is in transfer or when a mains power supply is not available.

1. Simply apply
Selected garment(s) to the patient.

2. Connect garment(s) to pump
Smartsense Auto Garment Recognition does the rest.

3. Start Therapy
Simple one-button press to start
effective active compression

Additional information


Flowtron® ACS900 Active Compression System


Uniform, Sequential, Foot


Standard tube sets 2.1m (7ft) Longer tube set 3.9m (13ft)



  • Enhanced performance in independent breathability study.
  • Lightweight garments which are non-thermal in nature.
  • Excellent moisture management properties


  • One system for all IPC therapy requirements.
  • Extensive range of garments with fully Automatic Garment Recognition.
  • One button start-up feature for ease of use.

Clinically Effective

  • IPC is proven to be clinically effective and is supported by independent blood flow, usability  and clinical outcome studies.
  • Alternative therapy for patients at high risk of bleeding.
  • Integrated Patient Run Hours Meter to aid concordance.


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