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Humidifier Bottle (Compatible) Economy

The Humidifier Bottle (Compatible) Economy is a budget-friendly accessory for your CPAP therapy. It adds moisture, reduces dryness, and ensures comfort. With universal compatibility, user-friendly design, and easy maintenance, it’s a cost-effective solution for enhanced sleep quality during therapy.

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Humidifier bottles are designed to work with oxygen concentrators to decrease drying out of the upper respiratory tract during long-term oxygen use Ideal for use with new generation high-capacity output oxygen concentrators. Humidifier Bottle (Compatible) Economy is an essential accessory for your CPAP therapy. This cost-effective solution provides added comfort and moisture to enhance your sleep therapy experience.

Cost-Effective Comfort The Humidifier Bottle (Compatible) Economy is a budget-friendly way to add humidification to your CPAP therapy, making it more comfortable.
Universal Compatibility Designed to work with a wide range of CPAP machines, ensuring versatility and hassle-free use.
Easy to Fill The user-friendly design allows for easy filling and installation, minimizing the need for frequent refills.
Enhanced Moisture The humidifier bottle helps reduce dryness and irritation during therapy, promoting better sleep quality.
Transparent Design A transparent bottle design makes it easy to monitor water levels and ensure a continuous supply of moisture.
Durable Build Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
Secure Seal The bottle features a secure seal to prevent leaks and ensure uninterrupted humidification.
Compact and Portable Its compact size makes it easy to travel with, ensuring comfort wherever you go.
User-Friendly Installation Easy-to-follow instructions for quick and hassle-free setup.
Maintenance-Friendly Simple disassembly and cleaning procedures make maintenance a breeze, ensuring hygienic use.

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 28 × 11 × 12 cm

Humidifier Bottle


Universal compatibility with most CPAP machines


Transparent bottle for easy monitoring


Compact and portable for travel


Durable construction


User-friendly setup and installation


What is the purpose of a humidifier bottle in CPAP therapy?

A humidifier bottle adds moisture to the air during therapy, reducing dryness and irritation and enhancing comfort.
It is designed for universal compatibility and can work with most CPAP machines.
The bottle is easy to fill and install. Follow the included instructions for a hassle-free setup.
Yes, the transparent bottle design allows you to monitor water levels and ensure continuous moisture supply.
Yes, the compact and portable design makes it suitable for travel, ensuring comfort on the go.
The bottle can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water ensures hygienic use.
Yes, the bottle features a secure seal to prevent leaks, ensuring uninterrupted humidification.
Yes, the humidifier bottle is compatible with various CPAP masks, offering flexibility in your equipment choices.
Humidification reduces dryness and irritation, making your therapy more comfortable and promoting better sleep quality.
Yes, the installation is user-friendly, and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure a hassle-free setup.


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