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Philips DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB

Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP S/T makes your patient’s care personal and their care plan efficient and effective. To encourage long-term use, DreamStation algorithms automatically adjust to patient needs and help them adjust to and continue to use therapy. The DreamMapper application offers coaching and therapy engagement tools to support adherence.

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Climate Control Tube
Climate Control Tube
Single-Normal Tube
Single-Normal Tube

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The DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB is a state-of-the-art, bilevel positive airway pressure device crafted for those requiring spontaneous timed therapies. This device, tailored to assist users with unique respiratory needs, ensures both optimal therapeutic pressure levels and utmost comfort. Designed with patient-centric features, the DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB ensures efficient therapy for both home and clinical settings.

Bilevel Pressure Delivery Provides two different levels of airway pressure – a higher pressure during inhalation and a lower pressure during exhalation.
Spontaneous Timed Mode Assists patients by automatically adjusting the pressure based on their breathing patterns.
Quiet Operation Engineered to minimize noise, offering a disturbance-free sleeping environment.
Intuitive Interface Features an easy-to-navigate display with user-friendly controls.
Connectivity Options Equipped with Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi capabilities for easy data monitoring and sharing.
Advanced-Data Tracking Comprehensive tracking of therapy metrics for effective monitoring and management.
Compact and Portable Design Ideal for both stationary use and travel.
Flex Comfort Technology Ensures enhanced patient comfort by adapting to the user’s breathing patterns.
Integrated Humidifier (Optional) Provides moisture to prevent dryness and irritation.
Safety Alarms Alarms for disruptions like mask leaks, obstruction, or low/high pressure.
EN-INTL Non-CE v00

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 20 cm



Hospital & Personal Use


DreamStation S/T

Pressure Range (cm H2O)

4 to 30 cm H₂O (increment is .5 cm ‎H₂O), EPAP: 4 to 25 cm ‎H₂O (increment is .5 cm ‎H₂O), CPAP max pressure is 20 cm ‎H₂O

Ramp Rate (mins)

5 to 40 minutes (the increment is 5 minutes)

Rise Time

1 to 6

Inspiration Time

.5 to 3 sec (the increment is .1 sec)

Automated Airway Management

Max. EPAP: 4 to 25 cm H2O, Pressure Support: 0 to 26 cm H2O

Breath Rate

1 to 30 (the increment is 1 breath)

On-Board Data Storage Capacity (Min.)

3 months

Electrical Requirements

100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A


Heated humidification, fixed, adaptive (standard 15 mm or 15 mm heated tube)

Flex Pressure Relief

0 to 3 (only in S-mode)

Weight Without Humidifier

1.33 kg

Weight With Humidifier

1.98 kg

Device Setup

LCD, control dial/push button

Data Storage Capacity SD Card

6 months

Product Variant

Climate Control Tube, Single-Normal Tube


How do I clean the DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB?

Clean the device's exterior using a damp cloth. Always consult the user manual for detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions.

The DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB can be powered by an AC source, but there are also optional battery accessories available for backup or travel use.

Yes, the DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB is typically TSA-approved. However, always check with the airline for specific guidelines.

It's advisable to check and replace filters regularly. Refer to the user manual for specific timeframes and recommendations.

Yes, with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect the device to certain smartphone apps designed for therapy tracking.

No, the humidifier is optional. Some users prefer it to alleviate dryness, while others may not need it.

Specific features, including auto-titration, can vary by model. Consult the user manual for detailed capabilities.

The DreamStation BiPAP ST25/NB is compatible with various masks, but it's essential to ensure a good fit and seal for effective therapy.

Warranty provisions vary based on the region and retailer. It's best to check with the seller or refer to the product documentation for warranty details.

If connected to a backup battery, the device will switch to battery power. Without a backup, the device will stop, but built-in alarms will alert the user to any disruptions in therapy.


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