AcuCare F1-1 vented full face mask

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AcuCare F1-1 vented full face mask

AcuCare F1‐1 hospital non‐vented full face mask with anti‐asphyxia valve (AAV) is part of ResMed’s range of high‐quality disposable patient interfaces for the hospital.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 16 cm


1. What are the sizes available for the mask?

The sizes available for AcuCare F1-1 vented full face mask are small, medium and large.

The mask is intended for short-term treatment (up to 7 days) of a single patient, in the hospital environment only.

The AcuCare F1-1 vented full face mask is disposable and should be discarded.

  1. Non‐vented mask with a built‐in AAV for leak ventilation
  2. Colour‐coded, easily identifiable, and designed to fit with common breathing circuits used in hospitals around the world.
  3. Clear elbow indicates mask contains an AAV; to be used with a vented circuit. Blue dot indicates mask is non‐vented.
  4. Single patient use for up to 7 days.
Mask Type Full face
Headgear / Frame Sizes Small, medium, large
Cushion Type Silicone
Sleep Position Back


Breathing Preference Nose/mouth


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