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3.5 V halogen HPX Coaxial Ophthalmoscope 11772 – VC

The Welch Allyn Coaxial Ophthalmoscope Rechargeable Set is a professional-grade instrument used to examine the inside of the eye, with a rechargeable battery handle, 28 focusing lenses, and filter options. It offers clear visualization of the fundus with coaxial illumination.

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The Welch Allyn Coaxial Vision System makes it easier to look inside the eye. Ophthalmoscope Rechargeable Set It also reduces glare and provides a bigger view than regular eye-check tools. This special system works better than standard eye-check tools.

  • Facilitates ophthalmoscopy by enabling easier entry into the eye, a larger field of view, and reduced glare compared to standard Ophthalmoscope Rechargeable Set.
  • LED (SureColour) light for true tissue color and consistent long-lasting performance
  • Produce a shadow-free spotlight, easier entry into undilated pupils, and a larger field of view
  • Equipped with 28 focusing lenses with a range of -25 to +40 diopters
  • It has cross-linear polarising, red-free, and cobalt-blue filters
  • It has a micro-spot, small spot, large spot, slit, and fixation aperture
  • Features a smooth, non-abrasive knurled finished rechargeable NickelCadmium 60-minute power handle that can also be converted for use with standard C-cell batteries

Ophthalmoscope Rechargeable Set

Ophthalmoscope type Coaxial
Power source Rechargeable battery
Charging time Approximately 2 hours
Operating time Up to 1 hour of continuous use
Number of lenses 28 focusing lenses
Diopter range -25 to +40
Light source Halogen or LED (depending on model)
Illumination type Coaxial (directly aligned with the visual axis)
Filter options Cobalt blue filter for corneal exams, polarizing filter to reduce glare
Compatibility Can be used with Welch Allyn specula and other brands
Set components Ophthalmoscope, rechargeable battery handle, hard case, charging stand, AC adapter, user manual
Warranty Manufacturer’s warranty included

Additional information


Welch Allyn

Model number


Intended use

Examination of the eye and retina

Light source


Illumination type


Diopter range

-36D to +35D

Focus range

-25 to +40

Aperture range

12 aperture combinations, including slit and red-free


Cobalt blue and polarizing filters included


Yes, lithium-ion battery with charging stand

Battery life

Up to 120 minutes of continuous use


Carrying case, spare halogen lamp, user manual


What is a coaxial ophthalmoscope?

A coaxial ophthalmoscope is a type of instrument used for examining the inside of the eye, particularly the retina. It uses a coaxial (directly aligned with the visual axis) illumination system to provide a clear view of the fundus.
The set includes a rechargeable battery handle that powers the ophthalmoscope. The battery can be recharged using the included charging stand and AC adapter.
The battery typically takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.
The battery provides up to 1 hour of continuous use, depending on the intensity of the illumination setting.
The set includes 28 focusing lenses, with a diopter range of -25 to +40.
Depending on the model, the ophthalmoscope may use a halogen or LED light source.
The ophthalmoscope includes a cobalt blue filter for corneal exams and a polarizing filter to reduce glare.
Yes, the ophthalmoscope is compatible with Welch Allyn specula as well as those from other brands.
The set includes the ophthalmoscope, rechargeable battery handle, hard case, charging stand, AC adapter, and user manual.
Yes, the set comes with a manufacturer's warranty. The length and details of the warranty may vary depending on the specific model or version of the set.


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