The DEFIGARD 400 is designed for adult and pediatric applications, offering many optional parameters for complete resuscitation and emergency care.

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The SCHILLER BIPHASIC DEFIB Defiguard DG 400 is a defibrillator used to treat life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, including ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia. It is designed to deliver biphasic waveform shocks, which have been shown to be more effective than monophasic shocks at restoring normal heart rhythm.

The Defiguard DG 400 features intuitive controls and a clear display, making it easy for healthcare professionals to use in emergency situations. It also has a rechargeable battery, allowing for reliable and portable use.

In addition to defibrillation, the Defiguard DG 400 can also be used for cardioversion, which is a procedure that uses electrical shocks to convert an abnormal heart rhythm back to a normal one. The device is equipped with a synchronized mode for cardioversion, which ensures that the shock is delivered at the appropriate time in the cardiac cycle.

Overall, the SCHILLER BIPHASIC DEFIB Defiguard DG 400 is a reliable and effective tool for treating life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and restoring normal heart rhythm in emergency situations.


  • Large 8.4″ color TFT screen with LED backlight
  • Single rotary knob operation
  • Direct function keys
  • Visual instructions and guidance on screen
  • 3 ECG strips memory
  • 24 hours trend for all parameters


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