Winstim Combotherapy Electrotherapy+Ultrasound

Winstim can be customized as per the clinician’s choice The unique technology and design offers software and
Hardware configuration:
Output Channels- Two/Four
Modalities- CES, Electrotherapy Ultrasound
Vacuum Module and Electrodes

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Winstimis 4/2 channel electro-therapy and ultrasound combination device which can provide 4pole and 2pole interferential treatment as well as a wide range of other electrical stimulation waveforms. Therapeutic voltage and current waveforms may be applied to a wide range of conditions with successful outcomes. These include acute and subacute traumatic and in inflammatory conditions, chronic rheumatoid and arthritic conditions, and pain relief.

Additional information

Output Channels


Carrier Frequency

2,000 – 10,000 Hz

Beat Frequency

0 – 400 Hz

Max. Intensity

0 – 130 mA

Phase Duration

20 – 1000 µS

Treatment Time

1-60 Minutes

Ultrasound Frequency

1 MHz & 3 MHz

Duty Cycle

Continue,10%, 20% & 50%

Duty Cycle Frequency

16Hz, 48Hz and 100Hz

Intensity for 1 MHz

0-2.5/0 – 3W/cm

Intensity for 3 MHz

0-2/0 – 3 W/cm


  • Winstim 4 Channel Electrotherapy modalities in a single unit including a combination of ultrasound and electrotherapy
  • A comprehensive reference library providing information on therapy, treatments, and electrode placement
  • Treatment Start / Stop and pause switch in the Ultrasound Applicator
  • SD Curve for interdependence between stimulus strength and the time required in activating the muscles
  • Treat and monitor multiple patients at the same time
  • Full-color, 8” LCD touchscreen displays in sharp, vivid detail
  • Tabletop or optional cart configuration
  • 1 year warranty (repairable) on device and Ultrasound applicator
  • Different treatment parameters can be saved for different patients


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