Vyaire MicroLab and MicroLoop

  • Heart Rate and SPO2 Measurements
  • Spot Check or Continuous Monitoring for up to 60 minutes
  • Audible Signal Quality Warnings for Abnormal Saturation Levels and Heart Rates
  • Results and Trends for Storage and /or Printout

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MediKart HealthCare Systems Pvt.Ltd.
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Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta
I recently bought an Oxygen Concentrator from Medicart Healthcare, and Mr. Sanjog's exceptional service made the experience memorable. His friendly and knowledgeable approach helped me find the perfect product. Not only did he provide valuable insights, but he also ensured I got the best deal possible.
kaveri ganguly
kaveri ganguly
Well explained. Repaired quickly. Devicing install Suman , good behaviour
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Manmohan Sadana
Outstanding experience provided by Lalit of Medikart ❤️
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Sachin Goel
Lalit Kumar from Medikart came to home to give the demo of fhe ResMed BPaP machine. He was on time, explained things very nicely, was very professional. Extremely happy and satisfied with the service.
china ramarao naravula
china ramarao naravula
Hi Mr.Sanjog thank you so much you are very helpful & recieved this ResMed machine on time with good condition.We flowed your instruction & it's working amazing. Sleeping very deep & comfortable while I'm using this machine.
sundram kumar
sundram kumar
I purchased mask from the MediKart healthcare and the product quality is superb best and fast service by them. Thanks alot.
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Asha Baweja
Sujeet singh delivered the product and his behaviour was very nice...had conversation with Manoj ji and he was very helpful. Medikart is doing a great job 👍
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Ruby Singh
Medikart healthcare service and demonstration was quite friendly and easy to understand
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suman bagga
Mr Suman technician representative of the above unit visited us on our call for the replacement of the face mask. He guided us about the upkeep of mask and about the whole machine also excellently
sushil nigam
sushil nigam
Good service.Well explained suman singh Thanks


Introducing the MicroLab And MicroLoop, your reliable companion for monitoring heart health with precision and convenience. This innovative device is designed to provide accurate heart rate measurements, making it an indispensable tool for individuals looking to manage their cardiovascular well-being.


  • Dimensions: compact and pocket-friendly.
  • Battery: long-lasting for extended use.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer to your smartphone.
  • Display: Clear and easy to read.
  • Compatibility: Works with a dedicated app on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Alerts: Customizable heart rate alerts for your convenience.

Pulse Oximetry

Our easy-to-add pulse oximetry module (36-SPO6000) increases the functionality of the MicroLab and MicroLoop, enhancing their reputation as essential tools for the healthcare professional of today dealing with COPD

Quality and Accuracy

The MicroLab, MicroLoop, and Spirometry PC Software all feature comprehensive calibration check modules for both volume and flow rates, in compliance with ATS/ERS guidelines Accuracy and reproducibility can easily be checked using a 3-liter syringe (36SM2125).

Infection Prevention

The MicroLab and MicroLoop offer the most comprehensive choice today for the prevention of cross-contamination and infection in spirometry The single-use MicroGard (36-MGF1100) bacterial filter ensures all breath samples are filtered of potential contaminates and not released into the environment.

Making Spirometry Easy The highly versatile, intelligent, and beautifully designed MicroLab (36-ML3500MK8) and MicroLoop (36-ML3535-MK8) have been developed with the very latest user-friendly innovations The high-definition color touch screen and stylus to enable the user to navigate the intuitive icon driven menu system with ease. This combination ensures data entry is performed with the advantage of an on-screen language-specific keyboard The portable MicroLab and MicroLoop employ our Gold Standard Turbine measurement technology, which is accurate and reproducible as certified by the ATS (American Thoracic Society), the internationally recognised body for spirometry performance The easy to use and highly reliable MicroLab and MicroLoop are the essential tools for the healthcare professional of today.

Full ATS/ERS Compliance Compliant with American Thoracic Society (ATS) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) standards.
High Definition Colour Touch Screen High-resolution color touch screen for intuitive user interface.
Check Calibration Facility Allows for easy calibration checks to ensure accuracy.
Icon-Driven Menu System Intuitive menu system with icons for easy navigation.
Keyboard On-Screen for Easy Data Entry On-screen keyboard for convenient data entry.
Help Screens with Unique Screen Specific Help Button Help screens with context-specific assistance for users.
Real-Time Viewing Capability Real-time monitoring and data viewing.
Quality Checks On Screen for ATS Standards (e.g., Slow Start, Abrupt End, Cough Detected, etc) On-screen quality checks to ensure adherence to ATS standards.
2000+ Patient Test Memory Ample storage for patient test data and history.
45 Expiratory and Inspiratory Indices Measured (including Relaxed Indices) Measurements of various indices, including relaxed indices.
20+ Predicted Values Access to a wide range of predicted values for analysis.
Child Incentive Screens (Bubblegum Kid, Milkshake Kid, Wolf) Engaging child incentive screens for pediatric patients.
Lung Age Assessment and Result Interpretation by ATS, BTS-NICE or Enright Assessment of lung age and interpretation based on different standards.
Post Bronchodilator and/or Steroid Assessment Tests Conduct post-bronchodilator and steroid assessment tests.
Challenge Testing Protocols Support for challenge testing protocols.
Direct Connection to External Hewlett Packard Printers Seamless connection to external Hewlett Packard printers for easy data output.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 45 × 33 × 14 cm
Measurements Forced

FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, VC, FEV.75, FEV3, FEV.75/VC, FEV.75/FVC, FEV1/VC, (FER), FEV3/VC, FEV3/ FVC, FEV.75/FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, FEF25 (MEF75), FEF50 (MEF50), FEF75 (MEF25), FEF25-75 (MMEF), FEF50/ VC, FEF50/FVC, MMEF/FVC (FEF25-75/FVC), FIV1, FIVC, PIF, FIV1/FIVC (FIR), FIF25 (MIF75), FIF50 (MIF50), FIF75 (MIF25), R50 (FEF50/FIF50), MET25-75, FET, MVV (ind)


VT (TV),Ti, Te, Ti/Ttot, EVC, IVC, IC, VT/Ti (TV/Ti), IRV, ERV, FR)

Volume Range

0.1 to 8 Litres (Gold Standard Turbine 0.1 to 9.99 Litres)

Flow Range

0.2 to 15 Litres per second


+/- 3% to ATS Recommendations


PC with Microsoft® Windows® 7 32 bit/64 bit, Windows® 8 32 bit/64 bit


1 GHz or above/2 GB

Hard Drive Space



Two free USB ports – for USB Spirometer and dongle key protection


SVGA 800×600, 256 colour (Recommended 1280 x 1024)


0% to 100% +/- 2 digits

Heart Rate

18-300bpm +/- 1 digit


Is the MicroLab And MicroLoop suitable for all age groups?

Yes, it's suitable for individuals of all age groups, including seniors.
The device can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the dedicated app provides a seamless syncing process.
Absolutely. You can export and share your heart rate data with your healthcare professional.
The device has a long-lasting battery, providing extended usage on a single charge.
Yes, the MicroLab And MicroLoop is designed for comfort, fitting securely on your fingertip.
You can set your preferred heart rate range, and the device will alert you if your heart rate goes outside this range.
The device stores historical data, and you can access it via the accompanying app.
Yes, the MicroLab And MicroLoop works with a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android platforms.
Currently, it primarily focuses on heart rate monitoring.
Yes, it's built to withstand regular use and is made from high-quality materials for durability and longevity.

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    I’m impressed with the quality of this product. It’s sturdy and accurate. I’m happy with my purchase.

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