Nanolab 200

Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser

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The Nanolab 200 is a cutting-edge nanofabrication system that offers exceptional precision and flexibility in the engineering of nanostructures.


  • Compact, Bench Top, Random Access, Bench Top, Fully Automatic clinical chemistry analyser with a throughput of 200 Tests / Hour
  • 80 reagents & 40 sample positions to suit mid and large-size laboratory workload
  • Multi-functional sample and reagent probe with collision protection and liquid-level detection system
  • Dedicated Teflon-coated mixing arm with multi-speed option
  • On-board laundry with minimal water consumption
  • User-friendly operations

Sample Unit

Sample Tray – 40 Sample Positions

Sample Tube – Micro cup & test tube & blood collection tube can be used.

Sample Volume – 2-30µL, step by 0.lµL

Sample – 0.1 sample level detection, timely tracking for sample

volume. Collision avoidance

Sample Barcode – Optional

Reagent Unit

Reagent Tray – 80 reagent Positions (40 for Rl & 40 for R2), Non-stop cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2°C-14″C, open system, could accept any reagent.

Reagent Volume – 20-300µL, step by 1 µL

Reagent Needle – Reagent volume detection, timely tracking for reagent volume. Collision avoidance.

Reagent Barcode – Optional

Operating System

Operation System – Indices, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Data Processing – Automatic calibration, test combination, effective time management of reagents, serum, whole process de­tection, linear expansion of enzyme, blank deduction,dirty cuvette memory , cross infection prevention, patient info­rmation memory and association input, automatic report audit, data fuzzy query, report statistics and printing, refe­rence range grading, alarm information classification, user operation privilege classification management.

Report Printing – 6 formats optional, support custom pattern

Report Printing – TCP/IP network interface

Optical System

Light Source – Halogen Lamp

Wavelength – 340nm; 405nm; 450nm; 505nm; 546nm; 578nm; 630nm; 700nm (4 more options)

Absorbance Range – 0-4.0 Abs

Resolution – 0.0001 Abs

Working Condition

Power Supply – AC 110/220V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 650W

Water Consumption – 8L/hour(maximum)

Dimension weight – 870mm * 690mm * 740mm(L *W*H)

Weight – 80kgs


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