Advanced Airway Clearance System – Model 105

 Airway Clearance System uses HFCWO technology to help clear patients’ airways. It dislodges mucus from the bronchial walls and helps move secretions and mucus from smaller to larger airways, where it can be coughed or suctioned out.


Physicians prescribe The Vest System – Model 105 more commonly than any other High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) device. It helps patients mobilize retained secretions, which in turn helps them avoid respiratory infections, hospitalizations, and reduced lung function. The system integrates with the Hillrom Connex App and Health Portal, allowing patients and care teams to share therapy session data and results. This integration empowers patients to manage their daily care routines, while clinicians can create more informed care plans.



  • 5X larger view of the fundus vs. standard ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye
  • Digitally capture, store, and share fundus images by combining with iExaminer
  • Greater working distance improves comfort for both practitioner and patient
  • Dynamic focusing wheel allows continuous, smooth action and more precise control
  • Available with Sure Color™ LED lamp or with Halogen HPX® lamp
  • Compatible with all existing Welch Allyn 3.5 V power sources


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