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Double Adjustable Crutch


This device was built to exacting standards and
carefully inspected prior to shipment. This
warranty is an expression of our confidence in the
materials and workmanship of our products and
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  • care and maintenance
    The crutches should be regularly inspected for signs of damage or wear and tear. Check for:
    1.  Damage to tubing, including any bends or cracks at the tube joints
    2. Worn or loose brass push buttons or elongated holes
    3.  Loose or worn handgrips.
    4. Smooth, worn, or split ferrules.

  • Safety precautions
    Apply the following precautions before use:

    1. Ensure the brass push buttons have securely locked the legs in position.
    2. Do not exceed the weight limit of 127kg (20stone).
    3. Ensure the ferrules have sufficient grip and beware of slippy surfaces such as wet floors, wet leaves, etc.
    4. Inspect the crutches regularly for signs of damage or wear (see the care and maintenance)

The height of the crutch handgrip and cuff should be adjusted to suit each user for safety and comfort. The adjustment process is described as overleaf.
To adjust the handgrip height, use the push button on the leg section of the crutch. To adjust the cuff height, use the push button on the cuff section

Walking with the crutches
If the affected legs cannot bear crutches

1. If you cannot put any weight on or stand on the affected leg, bend your knee slightly to keep the affected leg off the ground.
2. Move the crutches one step forward, ensuring that they are level and slightly apart. Allow the crutches to take some of your body weight.
3. Then move your body forwards between the crutches, swinging the affected leg through.



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