Welch Allyn® Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids

With gear-free DuraShock technology, you can count on the DS58 aneroid to remain in calibration longer than traditional aneroids, providing more accurate readings over time and a lower lifetime cost, helping to improve practice efficiencies and your bottom line.


The Welch Allyn® Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids are reliable and accurate manual blood pressure measurement devices. Designed with precision in mind, they provide healthcare professionals with precise readings within ±3 mmHg. With cuff options available for both adult and pediatric patients, these hand aneroids offer versatility and adaptability.

Featuring a large, easy-to-squeeze bulb, inflation is comfortable and efficient. The analog gauge with a 58mm dial size ensures clear and easy-to-read pressure measurements. A control valve enables precise deflation, allowing for controlled and gradual release of air.

Constructed with durable and latex-free cuff material, these aneroids prioritize patient safety and longevity. Their compact and portable design makes them convenient for use in various healthcare settings, including clinical environments and on-the-go situations.

To ensure ongoing accuracy, you can calibrate the DS58 Hand Aneroids for consistent performance. Additionally, the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, offering peace of mind.

The Welch Allyn® Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids are trusted tools for healthcare professionals seeking reliable and accurate blood pressure measurements. With their precision, versatility, and durability, they contribute to enhanced patient care and monitoring.

Manual Blood Pressure Measurement Measures blood pressure manually
Accurate and Reliable Readings Provides precise readings within ±3 mmHg
Adult and Pediatric Cuff Options Offers cuff options for both adult and pediatric patients
Large, Easy-to-Squeeze Bulb Facilitates comfortable and efficient inflation
Analog Gauge with 58mm Dial Size Clear and easy-to-read gauge dial
Control Valve for Deflation Allows for controlled and gradual release of air
Durable and Latex-Free Cuff Material Ensures longevity and patient safety
Compact and Portable Design Convenient for transportation and on-the-go use
Calibration Option Calibratable to maintain accuracy over time
Manufacturer’s Warranty Backed by a warranty provided by the manufacturer

Additional information


Welch Allyn®


Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids

Measurement Method

Manual blood pressure measurement

Cuff Options

Adult and Pediatric cuff options available


Typically within ±3 mmHg

Gauge Type


Bulb Type

Large, easy-to-squeeze bulb

Gauge Dial Size


Inflation System

Manual inflation using the bulb

Air Release Valve

Control valve for precise deflation

Cuff Material

Latex-free, durable fabric or nylon

Cuff Range

Varies based on cuff size (e.g., adult, pediatric)


What is the Welch Allyn® Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids?

The Welch Allyn® Platinum Series DS58 Hand Aneroids are manual blood pressure measurement devices that offer accurate and reliable readings.
The DS58 Hand Aneroids utilize aneroid technology, which involves a pressure gauge and inflatable cuff to measure blood pressure manually.
Yes, the DS58 Hand Aneroids come with cuff options for adult and pediatric patients, allowing for versatile blood pressure measurements.
The DS58 Hand Aneroids are designed for high accuracy, typically within ±3 mmHg, providing reliable blood pressure readings.
Yes, the DS58 Hand Aneroids are designed to be user-friendly, with clear and easy-to-read gauges and intuitive controls for hassle-free operation.
Yes, the DS58 Hand Aneroids are built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, making them suitable for frequent use in clinical settings.
Yes, the DS58 Hand Aneroids are compact and lightweight, making them portable and convenient for healthcare professionals who need to move between different locations.
Periodic calibration is recommended to maintain the accuracy of the DS58 Hand Aneroids. Calibration should be performed by authorized service providers.
Yes, Welch Allyn provides replacement parts and accessories for the DS58 Hand Aneroids to ensure proper maintenance and functionality.
Yes, the DS58 Hand Aneroids typically come with a manufacturer's warranty, offering coverage for a specific duration. It's best to check with the retailer or manufacturer for warranty details.


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