Welch Allyn® 767-Series Wall / Mobile sphygmomanometer

The versatile 767 Wall and Mobile Aneroid, with improved ergonomics and a new modern design, is the smart choice for accurate and reliable readings throughout your facility.


The Welch Allyn® 767-Series Wall/Mobile sphygmomanometer delivers convenience and flexibility in various healthcare settings. It can be used in both wall-mounted and mobile configurations, adapting easily to different environments.

With its accurate and precise measurement capabilities, the 767-Series ensures reliable blood pressure readings for accurate diagnosis and monitoring. The device’s durable construction and ability to withstand frequent use make it suitable for busy clinical environments. It offers reliable and accurate blood pressure measurements.

The 767-Series sphygmomanometer offers a user-friendly design, with easy-to-read gauges and intuitive controls. Its adjustable cuff and various cuff size options ensure comfortable and accurate measurements for patients of different arm sizes.

Whether mounted on a wall or used in a mobile setup, this sphygmomanometer provides reliable and consistent results. Its versatility allows healthcare professionals to easily move and position the device according to their needs, making it a practical choice for various healthcare settings.

The Welch Allyn® 767-Series Wall/Mobile sphygmomanometer meets the highest standards of accuracy and durability. It is a trusted tool that healthcare professionals rely on for accurate blood pressure measurements, contributing to better patient care and monitoring.

Wall-Mounted and Mobile Configuration Provides flexibility for use in various healthcare settings
Auscultatory and/or Oscillometric Measurement Offers multiple measurement methods for accurate readings
Multiple Cuff Size Options Accommodates different arm sizes (Adult, Large Adult, Thigh)
Analog or Digital Gauge Type Choice of analog or digital display for pressure readings
Accurate and Precise Measurements Ensures reliable blood pressure measurements with high accuracy
Control Valve for Precise Deflation Allows for controlled and gradual release of air
Bulb or Automatic Inflation Options Options for manual inflation using a bulb or automatic inflation
Mounting Options Wall mount bracket included; mobile cart available for mobility
Latex-Free, Durable Cuff Material Provides comfort and longevity with latex-free, fabric or nylon cuffs
Standard or Extended Cuff Tube Length Offers options for cuff tube length based on user preferences
Manufacturer’s Warranty Backed by a warranty provided by the manufacturer

Additional information


Welch Allyn®


767-Series Wall/Mobile sphygmomanometer


Wall-mounted and mobile

Measurement Method

Auscultatory and/or Oscillometric

Cuff Size Options

Adult (22-32 cm), Large Adult (32-42 cm), Thigh (42-50 cm)

Gauge Type

Analog or digital


Laser-engraved dial (analog) or digital display (digital)


±3 mmHg (analog), ±2 mmHg (digital)

Air Release Valve

Control valve for precise deflation

Inflation System

Bulb or automatic inflation options available

Power Source

Batteries (for digital model, if applicable)

Mounting Options

Wall mount bracket included, mobile cart available

Cuff Material

Latex-free, durable fabric or nylon

Cuff Tube Length

Standard length or extended options available


What is the difference between the wall-mounted and mobile configurations?

The wall-mounted configuration is fixed to a wall for stationary use, while the mobile configuration allows for mobility and can be easily moved between locations.
Yes, the Welch Allyn® 767-Series offers the option of either an analog gauge or a digital display, allowing you to select the type that best suits your preferences or requirements.
Yes, the sphygmomanometer comes with various cuff size options, including Adult (22-32 cm), Large Adult (32-42 cm), and Thigh (42-50 cm), catering to different arm sizes.
The accuracy of the Welch Allyn® 767-Series sphygmomanometer is ±3 mmHg for analog models and ±2 mmHg for digital models, ensuring precise blood pressure readings.
Yes, the sphygmomanometer features a control valve that allows for precise deflation, enabling a gradual release of air for accurate blood pressure measurements.
The sphygmomanometer offers inflation options, including a bulb for manual inflation or automatic inflation for convenience and ease of use.
Yes, the Welch Allyn® 767-Series sphygmomanometer includes a wall mount bracket, allowing for easy installation and secure mounting.
Yes, the cuffs provided with the sphygmomanometer are made from latex-free and durable fabric or nylon materials, ensuring patient comfort and safety.
Yes, the sphygmomanometer comes with a manufacturer's warranty. The specific duration and terms may vary, so it's recommended to check with the manufacturer or supplier for warranty details.
Yes, the Welch Allyn® 767-Series sphygmomanometer offers options for both standard and extended cuff tube lengths, providing flexibility based on user preferences and requirements.


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