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Sunset RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners for Nasal Respironics


The Sunset RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners are a type of healthcare equipment that are designed to provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience for individuals using nasal Respironics CPAP masks. These liners act as a barrier between the user’s skin and the mask, helping to prevent skin irritation and pressure sores. They are made from a soft, absorbent material that wicks away moisture and oils from the skin, and can be easily removed and replaced for daily use.

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Small, Medium, or Large

  • 30-Day supply. Boxes sold individually and include 30 facial liners and 2 forehead liners
  • Increase compliance by adding a comfortable and absorbent pad to your patient’s CPAP mask
  • Reduces air leaks and protects skin from red marks
  • Fits:
    • Respironics ComfortGel
    • Respironics ComfortClassic
    • Respironics Profile Lite
    • Respironics ComfortSelect
    • Respironics ComfortFusion
    • DeVilbiss EasyFit/EasyFit SilkGel
    • Sunset HCS Nasal Mask



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