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Sunset Partial Rebreather O2 Mask – Adult


• 5-15 LPM
• High concentration

The Sunset Partial Rebreather O2 Mask – Adult is a medical-grade oxygen mask that delivers oxygen to the patient’s lungs. It has a partial rebreather bag that allows the patient to inhale a mixture of fresh oxygen and exhaled gas, which can help to conserve oxygen and reduce the need for frequent adjustments.

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Oxygen High Concentration Mask with 7ft. Safety Tubing and Reservoir Bag


  • 5-15 LPM
  • Available in Adult (RES2101V) and Pediatric (RES2201V) sizes
  • Clear, soft vinyl for patient comfort
  • Adjustable nose clip for a secure seal


  1. Partial Rebreather: The mask has a reservoir bag that allows the patient to partially rebreathe exhaled air, increasing the concentration of oxygen delivered to the patient.
  2. Adjustable Nose Clip: The mask has an adjustable nose clip that helps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit on the patient’s face.
  3. Elastic Head Strap: The mask also has an elastic head strap that helps to keep it in place during use.
  4. Non-Slip Design: Some masks may have a non-slip design on the mask surface that helps to keep it securely in place on the patient’s face.
  5. Latex-Free: Many masks are latex-free, making them safe for patients with latex allergies.
  6. Adult Size: This mask is specifically designed for adult patients.


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