Sunset Oxygen Accessory Kit

The Sunset Oxygen Accessory Kit is a collection of essential accessories for individuals using oxygen therapy. It includes a nasal cannula, tubing, humidifier, and other items to improve comfort and ease of use. This kit is designed to be compatible with most oxygen concentrators and is ideal for home or travel use.

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Kits Sold Individually

  • Order all common oxygen accessories in one easy-to-handle kit
  • Contents can be customized to fit your needs
  • Standard kit includes:
    • RES002 – Christmas Tree Connector – Swivel
    • RES012 – Tubing Connector – Non-swivel
    • RES017 – Tubing Y-Connector
    • RES018 – Tubing Connector – Swivel
    • RES032 – Wrench
    • RES035 – Brass Washer



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