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Sunset CPAPMax Pillow 2.0


The Sunset CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 is designed to provide maximum comfort for people who use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy for sleep apnea. It features a unique shape with multiple adjustable layers and is made of hypoallergenic materials for a comfortable and healthy sleep experience.

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Traditional pillows interfere with mask performance and can cause a stiff neck, shifting, leaks and facial discomfort. The CPAPmax Pillow 2.0 offers superb mask accommodation, excellent support and unparalleled comfort.

  • Memory Foam reduces heat and perspiration
  • Tube tether reduces tube drop
  • 2-in-1 size can be adjusted to be regular or extra thick
  • Reduce leaks
  • Minimize mask pressure
  • Cool 3D Mesh Air-Flow
  • Fiberfill offers soft, traditional pillow comfort


  1. Two-in-one design: The Sunset CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 has a two-in-one design that accommodates both side and back sleepers. The pillow has two different sleeping surfaces, one for back sleeping and one for side sleeping. This allows CPAP users to sleep in their preferred position without compromising the effectiveness of their therapy.
  2. Adjustable height: The pillow’s height can be adjusted to accommodate different head and neck sizes. This ensures that the CPAP mask is properly aligned with the user’s face, which can improve therapy effectiveness and reduce mask leaks.
  3. Pressure-free side cutouts: The pillow has pressure-free side cutouts that reduce mask interference and prevent the mask from shifting during the night. This can help reduce air leaks and improve therapy effectiveness.
  4. Cool 3D mesh cover: The pillow comes with a cool 3D mesh cover that promotes air circulation and prevents overheating. This can be especially beneficial for CPAP users who tend to get hot at night.
  5. Machine washable: The pillow and cover are machine washable, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy and convenient.
  6. Hypoallergenic: The pillow is made with hypoallergenic materials that are designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  7. Travel-friendly: The Sunset CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on the go. This can be especially beneficial for frequent travelers or those who need to use their CPAP machine away from home.


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