Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask

The Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask is a comfortable and effective sleep apnea mask that covers both the nose and mouth. It features a soft silicone cushion for a secure seal, easy-to-adjust headgear, and quiet operation. It also offers a wide field of vision and is lightweight for maximum comfort.


With Headgear

  • CM007S Small
  • CM007M Medium
  • CM007L Large
  • CM007XL Extra Large
  • Minimalist design and ultra-lightweight silicone increase comfort while maintaining the optimal seal
  • Quick-release clips make it easy to remove without resetting the headgear
  • 360° dual-swivel elbow port allows for free movement while connected to the tubing
  • Improved built-in vents for quieter, diffused exhalation
  • The conventional forehead pad was removed to create a clear line of sight – great for claustrophobic patients
  • Half the weight of leading masks


  1. Full Face Coverage: The mask provides coverage for both the nose and mouth, making it an ideal option for individuals who breathe through their mouth while they sleep.
  2. Comfortable Cushion: The cushion of the mask is made from soft, silicone material that conforms to the shape of your face, providing a comfortable and secure seal that helps to prevent air leaks.
  3. Easy to Adjust: The headgear of the Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask is designed to be easy to adjust, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your face. This ensures that the mask stays in place throughout the night, even if you move around in your sleep.
  4. Quiet Operation: The Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask is designed to operate quietly, reducing the amount of noise that is generated while you sleep.
  5. Easy to Clean: This mask is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The cushion can be easily removed and replaced, and the mask itself can be disassembled for cleaning.
  6. Wide Field of Vision: The mask’s design allows for a wider field of vision, enabling you to watch TV or read a book before you sleep.
  7. Lightweight: Despite its full face coverage, the Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask is lightweight and easy to wear, reducing discomfort while sleeping.


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