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Sunset Bubble Humidifier 6 PSI


The Sunset Bubble Humidifier is a compact device that generates a gentle mist of water to add moisture to the air. With a maximum pressure of 6 PSI, it can effectively humidify small spaces and create a more comfortable environment for breathing and relaxation.

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  • The multi-threaded lid ensures a secure fit every-time, preventing leaks and service calls
  • Compatible with oxygen flow up to 15 LPM
  • Audible back pressure alarm activates at 6 psi
  • No aluminum fitting in stem: it eliminates shredded aluminum diffuser so often found in lower quality models
  • Soft plastic diffuser reduces clogging due to mineral build-up
  • Translucent jar provides improved visibility of jar contents
  • Humidifier bottle lid is colored green/yellow, making it easy to tell patients on the phone how to change the bottle
  • Bottle has a 500 ml water capacity
  • Bottle fill line is very easy to see
  • There are finger grips at the top of the bottle, making the lid easier to screw on/off for the patient



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