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Sunset Auto Set T Disposable Filter


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The Auto Set T Disposable Filter is a must-have device for people who want to make sure their home’s water supply is always safe. This filter pairs with your home’s water pipe and removes impurities like lead, sediment, cysts, and chemicals, ensuring that only clean water comes out of your faucet. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, this filter eliminates the need for manual adjustments and replacements as it automatically sets itself on a 2-month schedule. With its sleek design and long-lasting performance, the Auto Set T Disposable Filter makes household upkeep easier and more efficient than ever before.

Filter Replacement for ResMed Machines
1 Open air filter hatch on back of the machine.
2 Remove old filter and discard. Filters are not washable/reusable.
3 Insert flat, white filters with either side out. If using a filter with a blue side, insert with blue side facing out.
4 Close air filter hatch.


  • Automatically sets itself after 2 months of use
  • Removes lead, chlorine, sediment, cysts, algae & other impurities
  • Easily connects to pipes with included sleeves & Aqueous clamping system


  • Keeps drinking water safe & clean
  • Long-lasting performance without manual adjustments or replacements
  • No plumber is needed Makes household maintenance easier & more efficient


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