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1 .The Philips Remstar Pro CPAP enhanced System One sleep therapy system is designed to deliver exceptional therapy, enhance patient comfort, and provide essential compliance tools.

  1. Available Therapy Modes:

The Philips Remstar Pro CPAP device offers the following therapy modes:

. Fixed Cpap – This mode delivers Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. CPAP maintains a constant  level of pressure throughout breathing cycle.

3.The Machine comes with a pressure range of 4-20cmH20.

  1. CFlexis a comfort feature you will find on Respironics CPAPmachines. This feature decreases the pressure when you exhale.
  2. Machine has two filter for dust protection : Reusable black pollen filter and Disposable ultra fine filter.

7.Heated Humidifier with Heated Tube (optional) : A CPAP heated  humidifier typically consists of a detachable portion of the CPAP machine. It has a tank, or chamber, that you can fill with distilled water. Underneath this chamber, you’ll find a hot plate, which heats the water and humidifies a portion of it. Heated CPAP tubing is made to prevent condensation from forming in the tubing. In most cases, this form of tubing is made to plug into an outlet and consists of copper wires that run the length of the tubing to keep the inside warm from the humidifier to the mask.

The reason heated humidification for CPAP machines came about is simple. Some patients receiving CPAP therapy complained of one or more of the following problems when using their CPAP machines:

  1. Scratchy, dry throat
  1. Dry nasal passages
  2. Congestion
  3. Nasal stuffiness
  4. Nosebleeds
  5. Dry mouth



  1. Ramp.When you first put your CPAP mask on at night and turn the machine on, it may be difficult to adapt to the immediate airflow of your pressure settings, especially if you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, which requires relatively high pressure. A ramp is a comfort feature that allows your machine to gradually build-up to the prescribed pressure, making compliance much easier.The device comes with a ramp time of upto 0- 45min.
  2. Data Recording : It is capable of giving much more in-depth information such as: apnea events, hypopnea events, changes in pressure, leak rates, and information on snoring, and more. This information can be used to check daily, weekly, or even monthly averages.

10.Display : Machine comes with a LCD display to check your therapy and wheel push which makes it easy for the user to operate.

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