The transport restraint adapter is a specially-developed system, which secures the wheelchair and its user in a car during a journey. The transport restraint adapter ensures that the forces which would result from an accident are dissipated through the most sturdy points of the wheelchair to the vehicle floor. Furthermore, the correct geometry of the pelvic strap – as a wheelchair-mounted component of the passenger restraint system – is guaranteed.
• Installation with heavy-duty eyelet
• The adapters ensure quick anchoring of a wheelchair in a motor vehicle
• The power knot critically stabilizes the wheelchair design, e.g. in rear-end collisions
• Operator errors when anchoring the wheelchair are impossible
• The lap belt is firmly attached to the adapter and is thus already anatomically correctly worn before setting off
• A diagonal shoulder belt can be worn
• A wheelchair headrest is possible
• Advantages of installation with a heavy-duty eyelet include the increased power reserve upwards and greater flexibilityin using various belt systems



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