Oxymed 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator


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Oxymed 10 Litres is a 24.00 kg stationary oxygen concentrator for home use which provides continuous oxygen flow up to 10 Litres Per Minute (LPM).


1. Is it battery operated or not?

The machine is power operated.

Yes, this machine can run continuously for 24 hours but we recommend to take a break of 20-30 minutes after every 2-3 hours.

You should change the filter every 6 months.

Product Type Home Stationary
Brand oxymed
Model Name MAOXY10
Flow 1-10 LPM
Weight 24.00kg
  • Flow rate 1-10 l/min
    Concentration 90-96%
    Power 610W
    Sound level <50db
    Outlet pressure 100 KPa + 10% or 14.5 psi
    Net weight 24 kg
    Gross weight 26 kg


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