Infutest 2000 Series E Dual Channel Infusion Device Analyzer


Infutest 2000 Series E

Dual-Channel Infusion Device Analyzer

  • Test all types – dual-rate, pulsatile flow, and PCA infusion pumps
  • Analyze up to four channels simultaneously
  • Unique “Synchro-Start” function – optimize IV Pump and Analyzer accuracy


End-of-infusion analysis (EIA)
Accurate volume-to-be-infused (VTBI) measurements are a snap. EIA calculates the volume infused at the instant the STOP key is pressed or when the auto sequence preset test time has elapsed.

Accurately captures the initial start-up flow dynamics of your IV pump, an invaluable feature when testing pumps with a pulsatile flow pattern. No need to attempt to start both the IV pump and the analyzer at the same time to make this critical measurement. Infutest 2000 does it for you…automatically!

Infutest 2000 comes complete with Windows (98/2000/XP) based data transfer program.
– (DTP-5) for quick and easy data transfer, graphical analysis, autosequence editing, plus organization and printing of test results.


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