HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed

HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed is a high-quality medical device designed for critically ill patients in hospital settings. It features an adjustable frame, castor wheels, side rails, an IV pole, and a battery backup system, among other features.


The HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed is a medical device designed for patients who require intensive care. It is manufactured by Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd, an Indian company that specializes in the production of hospital equipment and medical devices.

The HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed is constructed with high-quality materials and features a sturdy frame that can support a patient weighing up to 250 kg. The bed is equipped with four castor wheels that allow for easy mobility, two of which have brakes for added stability when the bed is stationary. The bed height can be adjusted electronically using a control panel, and the backrest, leg rest, and Trendelenburg positions can also be adjusted to meet the patient’s needs.

Other features of the HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed include a mattress with a waterproof cover for easy cleaning, side rails for patient safety, and a built-in IV pole for easy access to fluids and medications. The bed also comes with a battery backup system that can provide power in the event of an electrical outage.

Overall, the HEM Z-7001 ICU Bed is a high-quality medical device that provides comfort and safety to patients requiring intensive care.



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