DeVilbiss Blue Auto CPAP – DV64


The DeVilbiss BLUE AutoAdjust – DV64 is designed for CPAP user to have the easiest therapy tracking and adjusting of clinical setting without leaving your home.

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DeVilbiss CPAP

The DeVilbiss DV64 detects, reports, and differentiates between hypopneas, obstructive apneas, snoring, expiratory puffs, leaks, flow limitations, RERAs, central apneas, and periodic breathing.

  • Detects more events and responds with a new level of accuracy
  • Smart Flex can be disabled, enabled, or used during ramp-time only

A new level of performance and data with DeVilbiss DV64. From the advanced algorithm to the custom-made quiet motor,  DeVilbiss Blue is designed to help users across the globe obtain the best possible night’s sleep. Innovative features including Pulse Dose humidification, Smart Flex, and Flow Rounding have been designed to maximize user comfort to optimize CPAP therapy. There are many ways to connect, transfer and analyze therapy data with the DeVilbiss cpap Blue. Our wireless connectivity options enable CPAP settings to be changed remotely and instantly for faster response to users’ needs.

  1. Ultra Quiet Operation
  2. Mask Fit check to ensure compliance
  3. Advanced event detection and reporting
  4. Built in compliance memory which gives quick usage report
  5. Bluetooth wireless modem which can connect to smartlink app
  6. Clock with wake-up alert function
  7. Auto-Adjusting Pressure
  8. Pulsedose Rainout reduction technology
  9. SmartFlex pressure relief

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 32.2 × 25.3 × 20.2 cm

Drive DeVilbiss

Pressure range

3 to 20 cm H2O

Power consumption

65 Watts

Noise level

26 dBA

Software included


Air travel approved



0-20 min

Power Supply

100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz


How often should I clean my filters?

Washable foam filters should be cleaned as soon as they become discoloured.

Humidifiers add moisture to the airstream to help reduce irritation to the nasal passages.

The box contains:

  1. DeVilbiss DV64 Blue Auto Plus
  2. Carrying Case
  3. 6 Foot Hose
  4. 8 Foot Power Cord
  5. Reusable Foam Filter
  6. Disposable Fine Filter
  7. Patient Manual.
Patients require a prescription from a sleep specialist or GP before starting on CPAP treatment.
Although further study is needed to make any definitive determinations on a greater risk of pneumonia for sleep apnea sufferers, we do know that a CPAP machine, hose and mask that are not well maintained can lead to bronchitis, respiratory and sinus infections as well as pneumonia.


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