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Devilbiss Compact 1025-10L Oxygen Concentrator Rental


Drive DeVilbiss Compact 1025 also known as Devilbiss 10 LPM is a 19.00 kg stationary oxygen concentrator for home use that provides continuous oxygen flow up to 10 Litres Per Minute (LPM).

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DeVilbiss 1025 Compact 10 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator, built to provide excellent oxygen delivery for patients having different requirements.

DeVilbiss 1025 Compact machine is one of the best therapy machines in India.

It provides pure oxygen till 10 LPM and fulfills your oxygen requirement without any discomfort while on Oxygen therapy.

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Weighing at 18 Kg, it is the world’s most compact & lightweight home oxygen therapy machine, which makes the DeVilbiss Concentrator easier to transfer from room to room.

Capable of delivering 87% to 96% of Oxygen purity from 2 to 10 LPM, which fulfills your oxygen need.

Equipped with accessible patient controls, LEDs that can be seen from a distance, protected cannula fitting, and a humidifier to prevent damage.

It comes with 2 years of warranty.

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 42 × 37 × 69 cm
Product Type

Home Stationary

Model Name

1025 Compact


2 – 10 LPM

Input Voltage

230 V

Input Frequency

50 Hz

Average Power Consumption

639 watts

Oxygen Concentration

96 %

Outlet Pressure

20.0 +/- 1.0 psi (138 kPA +/- 7kPA)


Drive DeVilbiss

Choose Duration

7 Days, 15 Days, 30 Days


How does the DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator work?

The oxygen concentrator is electrically operated. The unit separates oxygen from room air which allows high-purity supplemental oxygen to be delivered to you through the oxygen outlet. Although the concentrator filters the oxygen in a room, it will not affect the normal amount of oxygen in your room.
After the recommended exposure time, all exterior surfaces of the concentrator should be wiped with a clean lint-free cloth dampened with drinking-quality water, no warmer than room temperature. Dry the unit with a dry, clean lint-free cloth.

Made in the USA, the robust DeVilbiss 1025 Compact Oxygen Concentrator offers just the right balance of cool and quiet for home users.

Clean your particle filter monthly. Clean the outside of the oxygen concentrator weekly. Use alcohol wipes to clean the outside of the tubing connecting the nasal cannula daily. Replace your nasal cannulas and tubing monthly when using your oxygen concentrator regularly.
Power Consumption of DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator is 664 Watts average. UPS should be 3 KVA or more.
Accessories included are Humidifier, bottle Nasal Cannula, Operating manual and external filter.
This is an optional product that comes with a special cannula called an oximizer.
You should change the filter every 5-6 months.
It is recommended to keep an Oxygen cylinder as a backup source. In case of emergency. 
The purpose of humidification is to provide moisture which makes Oxygen therapy comfortable; if not used, can cause dryness in the airways of the nose and throat. Usually, the use of a humidifier is recommended in a continuous flow of more than 2 LPM.


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