Breathe Easy (BiPAP) – VT200


Respirare BiPAP is a noninvasive ventilator, Offers a comprehensive range of therapy modes and flexibility to adjust the settings and accommodate various patient conditions. 

  • Integrated Humidification
  • In.trigger
  • Ramp

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  • It comes with more than 2 modes.
  • You can select the gender.
  • You will get the auto on and off feature.
  • There is a leak compensation function.
  • You will get up to 20 alerts.
  • It has breath event detection.
  • It has adjustable levels of humidity.

Supported by RespiView – Deckmount’s PC-based clinicial analysis and patient data management software. It enables you to review device therapy settings and download, analyze and store therapy data.

Ramp for Extra Comfort – Respirare BiPAP offers Ramp feature to help patients ease into therapy session. Ramp reaches the prescribed therapy level gradually and comfortably.

Integrated humidification – Heated Humidification makes therapy more comfortable and can reduce side effects like dry nose and throat.

In.trigger – lets you set min and max limits on wither side of the patients ideal inspiratory time.



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