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Blood Pressure Cuff Adult Single Tube 26-35 cm (Dark Grey)


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BP Cuff Adult Single Tube 26-35cm Compatible with Philips for patient Monitors. Lub Dub is a mass producer of BP Cuff and related products at a good quality. The Cuffs are undergone by perfect quality checking process for good customer support. We provide cuffs with single tube compatible with Philips, Nihon Khoden monitor and double tube cuffs compatible with GE etc..; The cuffs are suitable for Adult, Pediatric as well as infant(neonatal) patients with different thickness range. The thickness range varies depending on the patient category. For adult it ranges from 18-50 cm, for pediatirc it ranges from 14-21 cm and for infant it ranges from 10-19 cm. The cuffs are made with latex free material for safe handling by the therapist with the sufferer. We provide multi patient use as well as disposable BP cuffs.



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