Oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators

An oxygen concentrators is a medical device that provides supplemental or extra oxygen to people with breathing issues. The device works by filtering and concentrating oxygen molecules from the ambient air to provide 90-95% pure oxygen to patients with low oxygen levels. In today’s unpredictable time this medical device is of utmost importance with the pandemic (COVID19) just off of our heads. The demand for this product skyrocketed in the past 2 years and tons of new manufacturers emerged with this spike in demand.

Types of oxygen concentrators

On the basis of mobility:

  • Portable oxygen concentrators – A portable oxygen concentrator is a device that draws pure oxygen from the
    environment for delivery to patients. It is smaller in size and more mobile.
  • Stationary/ Home oxygen concentrator – A stationary oxygen concentrator is a device that draws pure oxygen from
    the environment and delivers it to patients. It is mmuch heavier and bulkier and can deliver oxygen at higher flow

On the basis of capacity:

  • 5L oxygen concentrator – A 5L oxygen concentrator can provide 5 liters of oxygen per minute.
  • 10L oxygen concentrator – A 10L oxygen concentrator can provide upto 10 liters of oxygen per minute.

On the basis of flow:

  • Continuous flow oxygen concentrator – A continuous flow oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen steadily and continuously at a specified rate
  • Pulse dose oxygen concentrator – A pulse flow oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen in puffs or pulses with each breath and only during inhalation.

Oxygen concentrators brands

  • Philips respironics – Philips respironics oxygen concentrators are very popular worldwide and especially in India because of their large network of dealers and quality products. The most popular and reliable oxygen concentrator is Philip’s Everflo which provides 5 liters of pure oxygen with ease.

Drive Devilbiss Oxygen concentrators

  • Drive DeVilbiss – Drive DeVilbiss is a renowned brand in the oxygen concentrator market with customers across the globe and on the rise. The company has a complete line of durable products with a dealer network that’s exponentially rising.
  • Inogen – Inogen Oxygen concentrators are imported to India from the US. Their product line includes high-end and top notch products but is known to be slightly over-priced in the Indian market. The Inogen At Home 5 LPM oxygen concentrator would set you back Rs. 1.75 lakh-1.95 lakh, which is more than three times the cost of any other 5 LPM oxygen concentrator on the market in India.
  • Airsep – Airsep is one of the oldest players in the oxygen concentrator market and is known for its dependable products. Airsep Newlife Elite is one of the most reliable oxygen concentrators in the Indian market. It is now outdated because of its bulky size and higher power consumption than its rivals.
  • Invacare – Invacare is a popular brand in India. Invacare oxygen concentrators atre known for being affordable and reliable
  • Oxymed – Oxymed oxygen concentrator’s price is the lowest among all other good-quality oxygen concentrators in the market. It is the fastest growing brand in India.
  • Nidek – Nidek medical oxygen concentrators are popular in the market for their good quality and proven durability. These oxygen concentrators are imported in India for the US. The company has dealers and offices all across India and hence are widely available in India.

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