Mask Fitting Guide

Choosing the right type of mask

Nasal Mask Generally offered as the first option, nasal masks are usually smaller and lighter than full-face masks. If higher pressure is needed, nasal masks may provide better comfort than pillow masks.

Nasal Silicone

Nasal Gel

Pillow A good solution if your patient feels claustrophobic in masks that cover a lot of the face, or if your patient has a deviated septum and/or facial hair.

Pillow Gel

Full Face Ideal if your patient suffers from nasal obstruction or frequent congestion due to allergies or cold symptoms. Also suitable for patients who continue to breathe through their mouth at night despite trying the combination of a nasal/nasal pillow mask with a heated humidity feature or chin strap.

Full Face Silicone

Full Face Gel

Pediatric masks are Specifically designed for children, from infants to adolescents.

Pediatric Masks Silicone

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