CPAP Machine Full Price List (2023) – Buy in India

For those living with sleep apnea, Philips Respironics sleep apnea therapy devices are an effective way to help patients adopt sleep apnea therapy for the long term. They are designed for engagement with and connectivity to extended care teams for the rediscovery of restful sleep, sense of normalcy and dreams.

CPAP Machine Full Price List (2023) – Buy in India

As far as the price is concerned CPAP machines are less expensive than Bipap machines. A few of the best brands for the CPAP category are Resmed, Philips, BMC, BPL, Nidek, DeckMount, BPL, Breas, Respro

Chinese and Indian brands like BMC, and DeckMount, are slightly less expensive than other CPAP machines like Resmed and Philips.

What is a CPAP machine and how does it function?

By pressurizing the ambient air and delivering the pressured air stream into the mask through a CPAP tube or hose, a CPAP machine is used in sleep apnea therapy to improve the comfort and naturalness of sleep.

The obstruction in the nasal route will eventually be removed by the machine. The air pressure is only slightly greater than the surrounding atmosphere, which keeps your upper airway passages open and stops snoring and apnea.

Contrary to Bipap machines, CPAP machines deliver uninterrupted and consistent air pressure. The machine does come with a few extras, such as a heated humidifier, heated tube, and several types of masks, which may increase comfort and improve therapy.


The CPAP machine takes the atmospheric air and after compressing the pressurized air is transferred to the mask worn by the patient connected with the hose.

AirSense 10 Autoset CPAP Device With Memory Card Data Support is the best option available in the market. However,  AIRSENSE 10 AUTOSET APAC TRI C comes with more comfort features and is compact in size with an elegant colorful display, but it is not available in India yet and is launched only in the USA now.

Yes. All Auto-CPAP machines have two modes i.e CPAP and APAP.

The things which should be kept in mind while buying a CPAP machine are as follows-

  • Price
  • Modes available 
  • Type of humidifier and tube
  • Exhalation Pressure Relief 
  • Sound level and weight 
  • Altitude compensation and advanced comfort settings etc.

ResmedPhilipsBMC, and BPL are the best brands for CPAP therapy. Deck Mount is also on the list which is purely made in India brand.

A CPAP machine lasts for up to 3-5 years and then you can replace your machine. Few insurance companies provide coverage for the machine as well.

Yes, you can but you must have a prescription from your doctor. Although you might have guessed your apnea correctly by observing the symptoms, it is a good idea to visit your doctor once so that the doctor can provide you with the ideal pressure settings.

The CPAP machine provides constant pressure throughout the night which is set by the person. While BiPAP has two pressure settings i.e. EPAP (Expiratory positive airway pressure) and IPAP (Inspiratory positive airway pressure).

The patient might feel difficulty in breathing against the same pressure level regardless of the fact the patient is exhaling or inhaling; BiPAP is the best option for them which provides lesser pressure while exhalation, unlike CPAP which provides only constant pressure.

You can choose any mask ( full face, nasal, nasal pillow mask) according to your comfort. However, ResmedPhilips, and CPAP Mask Parts have the best range of masks with the best design made specifically according to the needs of the user.

Yes. DeckMount and Evox are the made-in-India brands that are doing very well with the best price range and comfort settings.

If it is happening to you, this is completely abnormal. You should consult this with your healthcare provider so that they can scrutinize the machine once. 

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